KIBO 18 to KIBO 21 Upgrade Package
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KIBO 18 to KIBO 21 Upgrade Package

Price: $150.00
  • Item #: MOD-21-UPGRADE
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Do you have a KIBO 18 kit, but are interested in getting more of the items to make it a KIBO 21? Purchase this upgrade package and save!

Make your KIBO 18 a KIBO 21 with these additional features:

Sound Record Playback Module and Programming Blocks - Give KIBO a voice! Explore literacy and language development, bilingual education, music, and more! The set includes Sound Record/Playback Module and 3 Playback programming blocks for three different ways for children to record their own voice!

Expression Module - Supports a variety of literacy activities and allows children to express themselves, with the included KIBO Whiteboard, Dry-erase marker, Flagpole, and Spacer.

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