Full Classroom Package - KIBO 21
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Full Classroom Package - KIBO 21

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This classroom package is designed to serve 20 to 24 students with the top of the line KIBO 21 robot kits, including the Sound Record/Playback Module and Expression Module.


  • 10 KIBO 21 kits
  • Pack of 25 Engineering Design Journals
  • Pack of 25 Assessment Workbooks
  • Activity Guide Cards
  • Growing with KIBO Core Curriculum
  • Express Yourself! Add-On Curriculum
  • Showtime With KIBO! Add-On Curriculum
  • “KIBO Says”, class programming game
  • Two posters: KIBO and Engineering Process
  • Two hours of Professional Development for one teacher via web-conference*
* The included training is provided as two "seats" in one-hour web conference sessions. These are one-on-one, live workhops with our trainers. Training must be used within 1 year of purchase date.