Blended Learning Curriculum Bundle
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Blended Learning Curriculum Bundle

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For schools looking to implement a blended-learning program with KIBO including a home-based KIBO rotation, KinderLab has created a ready-made package of curriculum and professional development.

The bundle price is $499 to support one classroom; a 10% discount off the list price of all of the materials.

The package supports 5 KIBOs in rotation, with materials to include in home-rotation kits and materials for the teacher to use in remote learning video lessons. This collection of teaching materials supports teacher-led, child-directed, and parent-supported playful learning. We recommend purchasing one bundle for each classroom that intends to use KIBO in blended learning.

The bundle gives you:

  • Connecting with KIBO (PDF): a guide for implementing remote learning with KIBO
  • Growing with KIBO: the KIBO core curriculum, foundation for remote/recorded lessons
  • KIBO Says cards: a versatile resource for unplugged games in remote lessons
  • Five (5) Home Rotation Kits: 5 each of KIBO Home Robotics Guide, Creating with KIBO curriculum, and KIBO Activity Cards
  • 1 Hour of Training: One hour of live video-conference PD for one participant, focused on distance/blended learning implementation. After purchase, you will receive instructions by email on how to schedule your training session.

Note that this bundle of curriculum and training materials does not include KIBO robot kits. If you need KIBOs, please also review the various KIBO Classroom Packages.

If you have any questions about this curriculum bundle or KIBO in distance- and blended-learning settings generally, please contact our curriculum and training team.