Advanced Coding Extension Set
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Advanced Coding Extension Set

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Create your own KIBO blocks! Design games and expressive new robots with complex conditional behaviors. The KIBO Advanced Coding Extension Set unlocks new coding options to allow users of the robot kit to design their own programming blocks, create their own games, and explore complex coding concepts.

The Advanced Coding Extension Set supports children who are experienced with KIBO's core concepts and offers them the next step along their computer science pathways. The Advanced Coding Extension Set creates a bridge between KIBO's core pre-K to 2nd-grade curriculum and the computer science and engineering work students will do in upper elementary and beyond. Children can explore advanced computer science concepts such as subroutines, randomness, and conditionals, while staying rooted in KIBO’s familiar screen-free, hands-on coding environment.

The kit includes:

  • Subroutines (8 blocks): children design their own KIBO blocks and draw icons right on the stickers
  • Random (1 parameter): design games with repeat loops that run a random number of times, like rolling a die
  • If Not (1 block): Extend KIBO's conditional programming with alternate conditions
  • Erasable marker for drawing subroutine icons

Please note: Subroutines and Random can be used with any KIBO. If Not, however, requires the sensors and conditional blocks found in the KIBO 18 kit or higher.

KIBO robots sold prior to June 2019 will require a one-time, free firmware update to use the Advanced Coding Extension Set. You will need to use the USB-A cable that came with your KIBO to apply this update. If you don't have a USB-A cable, you can add a cable to your cart.